Diagnosis :

Patient has lost first molar on each side with empty space of the lower jaw for over 30 years. She wanted to have closing empty spaces closed with fixed floss-able teeth.

Treatment :

1. Careful planning with photos, xrays, measurements.
2. Determine good Linkow Class I or II and Misch type D1 or D2 bone
3. Place implants with primary stability with OssTell over 70 ISQ
4. Place CEREC 3D cemented crowns for immediate loading.

Lan’s 3D planning for implant # 30 – Sagital view

Closing Empty Spaces teeth

Lan’s 3D planning for  implants # 19 & # 30

Closing Empty Spaces patient

Lan’s 3D planning for  implants # 19 & # 30 – All planes

Lan’s 3D planning for  implants # 19 & # 30 -Sagital view

Lan’s periapical xrays after complete implants & crowns in one day

Happy Patient with Happy Teeth


Closing Empty Spaces

Closing Empty Spaces


Maintenance includes follow up appointments in 1 week, 4 weeks, 3 months, then every 6 months after that.