Karl Georg Neubacher

Success Stories KarlIn 2008 when I visited Dr. Nguyen for the first time I had severe gum disease and lots of old amalgam fillings. I was afraid of dentists since I was a child because they always hurt me immensely. I was sweating in the chair and it was painful afterwards.

After my first visit to Dr. Nguyen this has changed, I always come with a smile on my face and leave with a very clean feeling. No more pain and no more dentist fear since I am in the care of Dr. Nguyen. In 2008 we started with deep cleaning every 2 month and with the repair of all my damaged tooth and replacement of my amalgam fillings with ceramic fillings as you can see in my xRay. 7 years later I forgot about the gum bleeding I used to have before every time i used a toothbrush, I never had a cavity or tooth ache again. I still visit Dr. Nguyen every 4 to 6 month for my deep cleaning and I am getting nervous when I am in Africa and don’t find the time to see Dr. Nguyen for my cleaning appointment. The deep cleaning is the key to a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

In 2011 I decided to get an implant for a tooth I lost several years ago. A dentist in Germany performed three times a root canal procedure on this tooth, after the pain got more severe he declared that the tooth needed to be removed. The pain finally went but left me with a hole. Dr. Nguyen proposed an implant but I wasn’t sure at the time. In 2011, after experiencing the excellent results from Dr. Nguyen’s treatment, I was ready for my implant. After the first visit I left with my fully functional tooth with a temporary crown. The treatment was completely painless and no pain occurred afterwards. 4 month later I received my permanent crown. You ask how does the implant feel? I feel no difference to my natural teeth, it feels like a real tooth. I can’t see the difference either, my smile looks natural and no one can see the difference, only the xRay will tell the truth.

There is no difference in the daily hygiene, brushing and flossing my teeth 2 times a day. Maybe there is one difference, the implant is stronger than my natural teeth and it will never get a cavity. To have this implant was one of my best health decisions I made besides choosing Dr. Nguyen as my trusted Dentist.

Jason Edward Tharpe

Jason had this condition with the broken teeth since 4 years and couldn’t find a job. He was crying for happiness.

He visited Dr. Nguyen and got best treatment for his teeth.

Jason sent a beautiful message to Dr. Nguyen

Hello Dr. My full name is Jason Edward Tharpe. My birthday is 02/26/1983. I’m not allergic to any medication.  And I wanna thank you again words can’t explain how happy I feel. I’ll see you tomorrow at 7 am. ?.